Foot-stool Makeover

I’ve always loved the idea of taking something old and giving it new life.  When I was in college I would spend hours in Value World (a thrift shop in Ypsilanti) with my room-mate Katie, looking through the racks for the perfect item of clothing that I could take home, give it a nip and tuck and create something brand new.  One of my favorite finds was a men’s suit vest that I took in on the sides. That vest spent many hours on various dance floors around Eastern Michigan’s campus (and it’s waiting patiently in my dresser drawer for the day when I can squeeze into it again).  Another favorite was an AMAZING vintage mustard yellow leather jacket that I would give my left foot to have back; I’m pretty sure I left it at a party… Pretty sure.

Since we’re trying to re-do parts of our house on a budget, I’ve decided to apply this vintage re-invention idea to my house.  I’ve been checking out clearance shelves at places like Hobby Lobby and Home Goods, and I’ve found a few good bargains!  One being this cute little foot-stool at Hobby Lobby for $3.00!!  It’s a very plain stool with very little personality.  But with a little foam and fabric, it’s unrecognizable and, if I do say so myself, ADORABLE!!!

Katie would be so proud!  🙂



4 Comments to “Foot-stool Makeover”

  1. That is adorable! Bravo!

  2. I am proud of you!!! It looks pretty dang cute and its motivating me to march my big buns up to hobby lobby tommorow!

  3. I am proud of you and its super cute!!! It motivates me to march up to hobby lobby tommorow and get one to plop my dying plant on….thanks for the motivation sister!

  4. I am proud of you! It motivates me to march up to hobby lobby and getbone tommorow to plop my dying plant on….love you and miss you!!!!

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