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May 31, 2011

Ribbon Necklaces

When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time in antique shops and at auctions.  A lot.  The reason being, my parents were trying to furnish a house built in 1908 with period pieces.  Almost every weekend we would go hunting for sideboards or hutches or iceboxes.  But me, being 6 or so, I wasn’t so interested in sideboards, hutches or iceboxes.  I was looking at the little things.  Delicate tea cups that, somehow through-out the years, had lost the rest of their set.  Sparkly pieces of costume jewelry that I could imagine myself wearing to some very grown-up party.  Toys so worn and shabby, there was no denying that they had been loved to death.  The love of these little things has carried into adulthood.  I could spend hours in one antique store, looking into every nook for that tiny piece that speaks to me; that lights a small spark of creation.

It was on one of these hours long shopping trips, deep in a case of jewelry, that I spotted a long strand of the most beautiful turquoise blue beads.

I bought the strand for $7.00 and held onto it for at least six years before inspiration struck.  On a side note, this happens to a lot of my purchases.  They sit for quite a while waiting for me to make up my mind as to their purpose, much to the chagrin of my husband.  So anywho, I bought this strand of gorgeous blue beads, just knowing I would come up with the perfect project for them.  And here it is: Ribbon Necklaces!  Once you understand the process, they’re really not hard to make.  By varying the color of ribbon and beads, you can make one for every outfit!  Or if you don’t feel like taking the time to make y0ur own, you can buy mine here:

Here’s what you’ll need: Beads, Ribbon- cut into 2 pieces (but read all the directions before you cut your ribbon), stainless steel beading wire- .012 in., crimp beads, crimp ends, clasp, jump rings, scissors, wire snips, needle-nose pliers and jewelry glue


1. Using a crimp bead, attach a long piece of wire to the middle of one of the pieces of ribbon.  The length of your necklace will determine how long to cut your ribbon.  Each piece will need to be folded in half so keep that in mind when cutting, don’t cut too small or it won’t fit around your neck!  You can always trim it before you attach the clasp.

2. String beads onto the wire, tucking the small extra end of the wire into the beads.  You can make a pattern or randomly string them on.

3. Using another crimp bead, attach the other piece of ribbon.  Tuck the extra end of wire into the strung beads.  I like to slide a bead with a larger hole over the ribbon and down onto the crimp bead.  This covers up the crimp bead and gives the necklace a finished look.

4. Place a dot of jewelry glue in one of the crimp ends.  Fold the ribbon into it and crimp the end with your pliers.  Repeat for the other end of the necklace.

5. Attach the clasp using the jump rings.

6. Wear the necklace and make all your friends jealous of your craftiness!